The Birds
The 2400 year old piece appears to be cut-to-fit the group. Not least in the way that the flock of birds offers a sensitive musical interpretation. The interpretation of the actors' gesticulation and mimicry being extremely demanding, is seldom apparent to the viewer.

Foyer, Essen
The troop, whos work is a form of 'Total-Theatre', dance, music and the spoken word, belong to the most innovative and creative that the area has to offer. The 'Theater der Klänge' is a welcome guest in other theatres ... and in every case an enrichment of the cultural scene.

Theater Pur
Celebrated premiere : ... so had Lensings mimes bewitched the viewers for three hours of archaic drum-dances and secretive mask-play: They melt together imperceptibly and profoundly in an enlightening piece about the infinite story lust for power. Although, whoever awaits a tragic story of villains and victims is in the wrong place. With competend effortlessness and comediantic talent, five women and three men lead us gently through the three hour evening ... sparkling with lust-for-life and humour, create space for fantasy and never slide into plain coarseness. However, what would this all be without the magical flute and percussion sound ? They do not illustrate but characterise individual creations - particularly in the scenes of the bird chorus. The suggestive power of the dancing feathered creatures reminds one of world-theatre and mythological magic ...

Neue Rhein Zeitung
... what the dancers now as a bird chorus led by 'Cockeral' Kerstin Hörner and supported by three musicians on the stage ... lay down is rousing. They swirl, stamp and flutter, so creating the blurred, hopeful atmosphere of this newly established 'Cloud-Cuckoo-Land', better as words ever could. The story originates from the year 414 B.C. and presents itself as being surprisingly up-to-date. With 'Die Vögel' , 'Theater der Klange' has created a great success ...

West Deutsche Zeitung
It is a performance that has several things to offer, particularly for the eyes and ears of the audience. The actors masks are humerous, at times grotesquely over-the-top ... both the birds and the Athenians do not understand another. The feathered friends speak in an extravagantly danced body-language that reminds one of the rites in old Indian films. The dance exerpts are worth seeing ... It is essentially a colourful spectacle that the 'Theater der Klänge' bring, with great commitment, on the stage.

Rheinische Post
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