News  07.01.2022
News at the beginning of the year
Do you miss going to the theatre?

Do you miss listening together, laughing, understanding together in a room with like-minded people?

Do you miss the intimate atmosphere of the theatres where you watch and listen in a crowd to the actors on stage?

Then you feel the same way we do:
we miss you, the audience.
we miss the stage,
we miss the stage fright,
we miss the applause...

In 2020 we had no performances. 2021 only three guest performances. Always only in front of too few audiences in venues that were only allowed to be half-filled at most.

For theatre and concerts - especially in smaller houses and theatre-unspecific venues, like for us the Planetarium in 2021 - the situation has been a real misfortune for two years now: we are not allowed or not able to play for you, you are not allowed or do not want to come to the theatre out of caution.

What remains is the virtual theatre and the hope for better times:

Are you interested in our way of working?

Since 1 January 2022, our "virtual total theatre of sounds" can now be used completely online as we conceived it in 2021. Since 1 January, the two Theater der Klänge dance and theatre workshops can also be booked at the box office. In 12 video lessons each, we give a systematic insight into our development methods of dance composition and figure development. (see link below)

Are you interested in high-quality digital visual art?

Currently, you can also access our exhibition of pictures of the "Lacquer Ballet" in our online gallery via the "virtual theatre". At the end of the month, however, we will replace this exhibition with a newer one featuring images from our production "Man and Art Figure in the Sphere Theatre".

Would you like to experience dance as "Dance on Screen"?

Our choreographer Jacqueline Fischer is currently working on her first dance film "It feels like Sunday every day". A video teaser has been available since 1 January 2022 (see link above).

You would finally like to see us live in the theatre again in Dusseldorf?

We are now planning our premiere series of the revue "hoppla, wir spielen noch" for the week after Easter, i.e. for the period 21 to 24 April 2022 with a total of six performances in a Düsseldorf theatre.

Further activities are being planned for 2022. We will keep you informed.

Our wish for you for 2022?

Do you want to experience at least a substitute for the live loss, then please use our online-show-games,

But most of all:
Give in to your urge to finally want to experience successful evenings at the theatre live again when the waves of viruses finally subside!
virtual total theatre of sounds