In "Vanitas - sound and fury" it will go into 25 scenes to the appearance, the futility and the vanity of human activity.
The THEATER DER KLÄNGE (THEATRE OF SOUNDS) uses the available instruments and tools of directly responsive music and video electronics as a "time mirror" of holding, repeating, freezing and transforming from just past events.
Vanitas is a major theme in literature, art, theater and music of the Baroque era. It is the culmination of a continuous tradition. Beauty and decay are linked. Vanitas motifs show that man has no power over their lives. Most striking are images of the past and the transitory, such as skulls or hourglass. Texts or even making music and passing on the past. In the simplest case, it is a representation that makes it clear that it presents one absent. This absence of presence is a paradox that in modern art history and theory will be taken up again and again.
On the occasion of 25 years of continuous dance and theater work, the THEATRE OF SOUNDS begrudge his 25th Birthday on the 10tth of May 2012 into an artistic reflection of the most volatile of all the arts: On stage.

The joy becomes sadness,
The beauty falls like a flower,
The greatest strength becomes weaken,
It is the happiness changes with time,
Soon it is over with honor and glory,
The science and what seals a man
Is finally destroyed by the grave.

Recitativo A Continuo from BWV 26

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