Jacqueline Fischer, long-standing dancer and choreographer for the Düsseldorf THEATER DER KLÄNGE, is currently working on her second evening programme. After having created the very successful evening of dance entitled “Ich ist ein Anderer” (“I is another”) for the THEATER DER KLÄNGE in 2008, the new piece is dedicated to “Contrasts” the feeling of being free within performance-oriented societies – such as the one in Germany.

Free in the sense of one's culture or different ethnical origin, free in the sense of “not being able to perform or keep up” because of illness, age or lack of education.

This piece concentrates on the human being, its origin, its environment and is focused on the respective connections and contrasts, in order to unveil its abilites and direct the view onto all that it is able do.

What is the most significant origin for the identification of a human being: the national origin, the familial origin or the professional origin?

Is the city-dweller defined, perceived and allocated within our culture in the sense of self-recognition or even as “an identification by one’s environment”?

On what basis does this happen: on the basis of external features, such as the colour of skin, clothing, cars? Or on the basis of inner features such as character, values, emotions? Or social features, such as origin, gender and religion?

What is the meaning of “being different and free” for the city-dweller regarding everyday life and a sense of belonging? – When does this turn into isolation? Into loneliness?

What about the inexorable “optimization of the human being”?

When do modern terms such as “healthier, more conscious, happier, more mobile... getting the maximum out of everyday life” become counterproductive for the human being?

An international cast of performers from Germany, Greece, Chile, the USA, Japan and the Congo have created a music and dance theatre programme on this question which will also use video scenography and electronic live music in addition to acting, vocal and dance.

This evening of dance is produced by Düsseldorf’s THEATER DER KLÄNGE team and will premiere from the 13th to 17th of January 2016 at the Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf (Juta) and on the 24th of january in Theater im Depot Dortmund.

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