Based on Harmann von Aue's middle-age story "Gregorius", Thomas Mann wrote the novel "Der Erwählte". The story deals with double incest, arrogance, dazzle, remorse —which, finally, led "Gregorius" to become the Pope— and is now the basis for a theatrical-musical adaptation by the Theater der Klänge in a joint work with the "ESTAMPIE" ensemble, the latter specialized in ancient music.

Those who remember the extremely successful 1995 production "LUDUS DANIELIS", which was also a joint work by both Ensembles, can imagine what is to be expected from a theatrical-musical regie by J. U. Lensing. The integration of live electronics in the musical process is a new trend developed by composer Thomas Neuhaus for the performances of Theater der Klänge during the last few years. Ancient music is put together with live electronics, theatre and dance. The aesthetic framework includes musical theatre, image theatre, danced theatre and stories by minstlers, in a play that will probably last for two hours. Besides, a music that ventures into the confluence of medieval sounds performed by ethnic instruments and electronic sounds.

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