CODA - Bach Cello suite in C minor

The THEATER DER KLAENGE employed itself since several years by intermedia forms of dance, electronic music and interactive live video as a logical advancement of the Bauhaus beginning of the twenties.

As a continuation in particular of own works like HOEReographien and SUITE intermediale the premiere of a new work with the title "CODA - Bach Cello suite in C minor" is planned for 2013/14.

The focus of the work in CODA lies with the dancer's broads interaction possibilities with light and video. Logically the music of classical manner serves first as a temporal structural giver for the dance.

J.S.Bach music - and there in particular the dance cello suites - are in themselves already a work of variations about "old" dances in their time. Bach uses this possibility despite practical purposes for enlargements, variations and contrapoint reflektions about dance forms known still at that time. Continuing this concept in our time for the directing and musical construction, a visual music originates to six cello sentences of Bach from dance and composed light in the structure of the music from Bach.

The baroque music presentation inspires to references to the very geometrical dance forms of the baroque, also, like on ornamental art in the light, again moulder the dancing body as a moved image plane is of use. Thus a very sensuous history bridging whole piece of art from dance originates to Bach's cello music in a very modern moved light conversion on the basis of baroque dance forms, like Allemande, Sarabande or Gigue.

In the second part of the program the 6 dance sentences of the cello suite are repeated. However, in the repetition the dancers are by their movements at the same time also musicians of an electronic music which takes the Bach Cello-Sounds as musical material, which is controlled electronically by the movements dynamism.

The media music resulting from this steers directly also the abstract interactive Video-Interaction of the Scenography which again cites baroque scenic forms.
The premiere of the piece is planned for Wednesday, 8th of January, 2014 in the Dusseldorf FFT-Juta. Till the 11th of January, 2014 there will be with three other performances a total of 4 first performances in Dusseldorf.

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